Our History

GENIUS BABY RESOURCES is a Bumiputera company that belongs to a mother of two, Puan Norhidawati Abdul Aziz. It has been established especially for parents that have similar interest in Early Childhood Education to share their views and opinions.

At GBOB, we believe that All Babies Are Genius, and we applied the Play & Learn concept since birth. We really emphasizing on family ties and believe that parents are the best person to teach their own children. Here at GBOB, we have special programmes that have been designed for both parents and child.

For parents, parenting seminar on Early Childhood Education and the importance towards baby’s brain development will be held. We also organize a full day workshop on how to stimulate your babies and toddlers to their maximum potential and participants in this seminar will be directly involved with lots of demonstration and role play. This intensive training would be given so that parents can apply it directly to children. Apart from that, GBOB also will have some mutual cooperation related to Early Childhood with few companies and individual that involved in this field to give the best information to the society.

As for the babies & toddlers, we’re committed to bring research and theory driven knowledge into the practical world of education and child development services. We offer our very own Program, specially structured & design Playgroup from New Born to 4 years called POWERFUL PLAYGROUP PROGRAMME. We separate the Program into 4 different Level according to the age and we focus on a small group to make sure our objectives are achieved.

Other than Playgroup, we also provide a special Cooking & Baking Class for 4 to 12 years during school holidays. GBOB will maximize the first 3 years of your baby’s life to boost up their potential by starting the stimulation as early as possible. All the activities would strengthen and develop the baby right brain and when they become older, the activities & games created will help to balanced both sides of the child’s brain, reactivate and maintain the right brain connection.

Apart from the activities mention above, GBOB provides Early Childhood Education products and material as well as teaching aids and games to stimulate the child’s brain from New Born to 6 years.

Due to high demand from the societies and parents, Genius Baby On Board open 3 Branches across Malaysia. Currently, we have branch in Puchong, Shah Alam, Bandar Botanic Klang & Taman Melawati.

GENIUS BABY ON BOARD is not related any other company. We are free to give our opinion and proposal to our clients on what products are the best for the child according to their age, hence we shall not bias to any certain products. We will consult our clients for FREE, in which education material & games that are most suitable and can be applied to their genius child immediately, so that you do not waste your money, buying products that are not yet suitable to be used by your child. Feel free to call us, let us know your needs and we will help you find the best solution.