Words From The Founder

Assalamualaikum & Good Day to our entire web visitor.

Watie Aziz with her two lovely daughters

First and foremost, I wish to sincerely thank you all for your time surfing my website. I really hope you find the useful & benefits information for your loved ones. I believe that all parents in this world want the best for their children and willing do to everything within their power to make sure the children receive the best education. I am so proud to see more and more parents are aware about their baby’s physical & mental development since birth. It such a joy to see parents become more responsible to raise a bright and talented child and show them how it can be achieve. Unlike before, now all the information is in our fingertip. It is up to ourselves how look for it. I am happy you have chosen the right website to seek for this information

History of GBOB started when I blog about my first baby when she was 9 months old. My first intention was to make the blog as our family private blog, our journey in raising up our lovely and genius children, sharing our activities daily and hoping that someday our children will continue writing in the blog. Beyond expectation, many friends begin to be interested inour activities and our education method of approach that I perpetrated against my child. Eventually, the blog have unique followers especially from parents who loved and believe in early childhood education.

When my eldest baby started to “read” as early as 1 year old, I started to receive lots of request from parents about the tips & technique that I used to teach my baby. The demand is on the rise when my child aged 17 & 18 months, after we managed to record her reading session.  Only after second child was born, I am confident to focus in early childhood education arena professionally by setting up a one-stop centre for parents and child, namely Genius Baby On Board by Genius Baby Resources

Alhamdulillah, I am more confident with what I’m doing and happy to share all my knowledge with all the parents out there. Lots of parents contacted me after they read my private & education blog. I’m so touched when I found out that lots of parents were keen on ECE but they have insufficient resources and don’t know where to start. There are also parents who are skeptical with this idea and think that it is impossible. Believe me,NOTHING IS IMPOSIBBLE! I have successfully proved it and sure you CAN too! I hope from my sharing in this website, it will benefit you and your family, Insya Allah.


All Babies Are Genius,

Teacher Watie

Mommy Of Q’s

Klang, Malaysia