Our Playgroup


Thematic: 68 weeks of lesson plan that full of fun and educative themes, different theme weekly and the activities and songs will be related to the theme to make sure the objective of the lessons are achieved. Additional theme for big Celebration such as Mothers Day, Eid Mubarak Day, Hajj Day and Independence Day.

Stimulative Games & Play: Vigorous structured activities to stimulate the child’s mentally and physically. All they know is fun and entertaining games with lots of apparatus to develop their fine and gross motor skills such as balls, bean bags, parachute play, ribbon streamers, lots of musical instruments and countless Montessori and brain development apparatus. Through these stimulative games, they will learn the crucial skills such as listening & focusing skills, playing skills, interacting & socializing skills, fine & gross motor skills, thinking skills and many more skills to help them become a competitive and confident little Khalifah.

Alphabet Recognition: Two most reliable indicators of future reading success are Phonemic Awareness & Alphabet Recognition. Using fun & interesting resources – Ants On The Apple book, the children will enjoy learning about the big and small alphabets and its sound and not only that, they learn about Sign Language too!

Hijaiyah Recogniton: The children will also learn to read the Hijaiyah Letter ‘Alif’ to ‘Ya’ & its sound according to the punctuation mark. Using the simple yet effective song and action, the children will be able to recognize the Hijaiyah letter easily and effortlessly.

Problem Solving & Learning Time: Different skills develop every week when they train themselves to solve the problem according to the task given based on the theme for the week.

Learn By Art & Craft: Through Arts & Craft Session, children will learn to think through ideas, develop spatial, visual awareness as well as manipulative skills. The session will help the children to understand the theme better every week as they manifest what we have learn for that week in a different way.