Join Our Trial Class

Here at GBOB, we give the opportunity for every child to come for our Playgroup Trial Class. Instead of 1 Trial Class, our clients can come for 2 Trial Class before they decide to enrol their beloved child in our Powerful Playgroup Program. This is important as we want you to see for yourself the difference in terms of your child’s behaviour and how he/she cope with the environment between 1st Trial and 2nd Trial. Therefore, we strongly suggest you come for 2 consecutive weeks for the Trial Class to see the result.
We’re happy to inform that the Playgroup Trial Class that you will be joining is actually the actual class for our permanent students. Based on the availability of the slot, we will give the slot to Trial students to join us. This is important as we want you to feel the actual class and see how our permanent students enjoy themselves, play & learn in a fun and safe environment. It is also important for your child to see and copy the good behaviour that they see during the class.
We love to remind you that during the Trial Class, our objectives is to see how well your child adapt with the new environment, so we need your cooperation to work together with us, especially if your child have any issues during the sessions. Do not be too over protective or in denial as your action might make things difficult for your child and for us to help you. Kindly bear in mind that Playgroup is a place for you to play together with your child, not to judge them. So have fun and play!
If you wish to join our Playgroup Trial Class, kindly call the respective Teachers according to the Centre that you wish to go. The Trial Class fee is only RM 50/ Class and you need to make the payment before coming. You need to pay directly to the Centre according to the Account Number given. Do not forget to put the respective Centre’s emel address as recipient and your child’s name as reference for our record purpose. Since we take only 10 pax per session for Infant & Crawler Level and 12 pax for Walker & Runner Level, kindly take note that once you confirm your attendance and make payment, there will be no refund / carry forward class if there is no show on the day as the place is strictly for you and all fees will be forfeited.
Below are our details to reserve your slot for Trial Class.


GBOB Puchong

Contact: Teacher Lieya (016-7763041) or Teacher Watie (016-2033340)
Maybank Account: Genius Baby Resources ( 562843101387 )
CIMB Account: Genius Baby Resources ( 8003748202 )

GBOB Bandar Botanic

Contact: Teacher Anne (017-5614606)
Maybank Account: Little Al Fateh Resources ( 564427509156 )


GBOB Shah Alam

Contact: Teacher Azie (012-2877516)
Maybank Account: Baachak Baby & Kids Resources ( 562106633699 )