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Powerful Playgroup Program @ GBOB is a program designed especially for new born baby from until age 4 years old. It is a session called “Powerful Play” with “Learn While Having Fun” method. This is to develop your children to be interactive and more social in making friends. It is also to experience them in this world while improving their fine and gross motor skill and strengthen right brain ability through the activities that we conduct every week.

Each and every stages have their own carefully designated programmed that will enhances your baby ability and bring out the genius in your child. In our Playgroup, we will use lots and lots of materials and stimulation apparatus from various sources during the sessions so that you & your baby will be occupied and stimulated throughout the session. Your babies & kids will be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Not to forget, they will also develop their social skills as they mingle around and sharing things with their circle of friends.

At Genius Baby On Board, we have 4 stages for the Playgroup. We name it as:

Powerful Play Level 1 (New Born -6 months): Infants

  • A very crucial stage after your baby is born. Full of stimulations to explore and also develop the baby 5 senses with lots of activities so that your baby will be calm, interested and ready to explore the new world. This class includes right brain session and parents discussion time to share about your baby development. . Total of 20 weeks parent-baby bonding time that surely will be fun for you to understand your baby’s world.
  • We will use lots of stimulations equipment to stimulate your baby and using learning material like Little Reader, Little Math, Your Baby Can Read and few other material and teaching aids that has been specially design to enhance the baby right brain.  The class is more on bonding time between mother and baby, hence we will still be able to run a class even though there is only 1 participant in each session. Each session will take about 45 minutes.

*Infant class is currently close until further notice*

 Powerful Play Level 2 (6-12 months ): Crawlers

(currently available @ GBOB Puchong & Shah Alam Branch only)

  • This stage is design to encourage physical growth and motor skills development through interactive games and activities. Your baby will be unveiled with continuous stimulations environment to further strengthen the all five senses. Enhancing baby’s emotion & sociability. This class includes parent discussion time to share about your baby development progress. This 26 weeks Crawler’s program includes parents discussion time to share about your baby’s development progress and early childhood current issues
  • In this stage, we will have ritual activities every week and using song, rhymes & music to stimulate your baby’s brain. We have physical stimulations using different kinds of prop & teaching aids, baby exercise & fitness, parent discussion and sharing time, hand action, learning activities and parachute play throughout the class. We will be using learning materials from Little Reader, Your Baby Can Read and few other products. This is the time where your baby develop their separation anxiety and to avoid that, they need to socialize  more and mingle around with their friends, hence the class will only be held if there are at least 2 students in a class/session. Each session will take about 45 minutes.


Powerful Play Level 3 (12-18 months ): Walker

(currently available @ GBOB Puchong & Shah Alam  Branch only)

  • This is a really fun time for parents, as now your child is able to explore the world in new ways and are eager to do things  all by themselves. They watch their loved ones very carefully and copy a lot of what they see. This is one of the most important ways toddlers learn how the world works.
  • In this class, parent will explore two-way communication with your toddlers. Parents learn to understand how their child interacts and communicate with them and the world. Your toddler is using all his new physical, thinking, and language skills to be a good problem-solver and we want you to be there to help and encourage them so that they will establish their skills.
  • In this stage, we will be focusing on activities that will enhance their fine & gross motor skills. The toddlers began to be exposed with Montessori Apparatus and EPL Activities that will prepare them to the real world. They will have an opportunity to explore through free play a wide variety of movement experience using music instruments & different props. We will be using different kind of material & teaching aids to encourage your toddlers to be more active and know how to express themselves using baby signage. We need your baby to mingle around with their new friends, sharing an enjoying the class together, hence, we will only run a class if there are at least 3 students in a class/session. Each session will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Powerful Play Level 4 (18 months -4 years): Runner

(Available @ all of our Branches)

  • This is a delightful stage as children begin to talk and talk. Toddlers are also starting to pretend. This is a big step in their development and makes life really fun and often very funny. It is an exciting time as older toddlers are using their growing language skills to tell you what they are thinking and feeling. They are also building friendships with other children. And their growing physical skills—walking, running, and climbing—help them explore the world in more adventurous ways.
  • A comprehensive and carefully designed program that has been created to develop a healthy, physically fit, intelligent and competent Muslim child. We use a combination of Khalifah Method & Montessori Approach in 68 weeks Thematic Lesson Program with 6 powerful components to boost up the child’s brain. This class is carefully designed to cater your children needs, to boost up their potential to the max.
  • Every session of this class have 10 exciting different activities consist of :
  • Circle Time
  • Warming Up Session
  • Story Time
  • Reading Time
  • Music & Singing Time
  • Phonics Time @ Hijaiyah Recognition Time
  •  Problem Solving Skills Learning Time @ Game Session
  • Art Session
  • Parachute Time
  •  Cooling Off Session

Kindly click at Level 4 Playgroup Overview to see details for this Level.